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Remove DRM from ePub for Mac with ePub DRM Removal Mac
- How to Remove ePub DRM Mac, Remove DRM from ePub Mac

It is nessarry for us to get some useful PDF tools such as Mac PDF to Word Converter, PDF to ePub Converter, etc. This page will may focus on the software of removing DRM from ePub. The eBooks downloaded or purchased on iBook store or other online store are ePub format which is protected by DRM. So you may wonder about how to remove DRM from ePub for Mac. Here we recommend a freeware which is a good free ePub DRM removal Mac tool. Download and install Calibre to your Mac computer. Then follow the steps to remove DRM from ePub Mac step by step.

Tip: For PC users, try ePub DRM Removal Software.

remove drm protection from ebooks Remove DRM from ePub for Mac

Step 1: Download and install Calibre for your Mac OS.

download and install epub drm removal mac

Step 2: Download the latest Combined Tools package and unzip it.

Step 3: Run Calibre. Click Preferences. Click Plugins. Navigate to the tools folder unzipped in step 2. Open the Calibre_Plugins folder. Select one of the zip files in that folder. Click on Add.

run epub drm removal mac

Step 4: Click on the large "Add a new plugin" button. Now click on the Apply button, and then close the preferences. You're now ready to remove the DRM from your ebooks. Just import them into calibre, and the DRM will be removed.

add new plugins to remove drm from epub for mac

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