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For Mac user, it is needed to learn how to convert PDF to Word on Mac. And for Windows user, learning some useful skill of PDF files is also important. This page will focus on how to covert PDF to KF8 document. convert pdf to kf8Kindle Format 8 - KF8, is a new format released by Amazon. KF8 is a format which supports HTML 5 and can display texts and images easily on Kindle Fire. This new format makes reading pleasant and comfortable. So there are many users who hope to convert PDF to KF8 for reading on Kindle Fire, although non-DRM PDF files can be recognized on Kindle Fire directly.

Then how to convert PDF to KF8? Because KF8 is such a new format, it is difficult to find a new PDF to KF8 converter.

Calibre is famous for supporting numerous eBook formats conversion. We will think this: Will Calibre support KF8 in the not far future? I think, it will. Why, following are my reasons.

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Please note that this page is ready for Windows user. But for people who want to learn more tips of PDF, please click here. This page offers you how to convert PDF to Word on Mac in details.

Will Calibre Support Converting PDF to KF8?

Let's take a look at Calibre's history of development and updates. Calibre was released on 1 October, 2006. The original intention of the developer is to develop a software which can convert contents to LRF - the format of Sony Reader, because there is no such a tool which can help users do LRF conversion at that time. After a few years, Calibre has be developed to a large tool gradually. Calibre now can support almost all popular eBook formats, including ePub, which is a format used on many devices.

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Therefore, Calibre is a software which focus on users' demands. What users need is always what Calibre will develop for. Then, need we ask that Calibre will support KF8 - this format which is loved or interested or needed by users? Undoubtedly, Calibre will support converting PDF to KF8 sooner or later. Let's look forward.

More about Kindle Format 8 ...

pdf to kf8 converterIt will replace Mobi 7, and support for HTML5, KF8 allows publishers to create a more attractive books to meet the children's picture books, comic books, technical books and the rich culinary book format and design requirements. The main new features include: support for CSS3, floating elements, fixed layout, background text, embedded fonts, bulleted and numbered lists, drop caps, and so on.

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