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How to Disable DRM?

You may have bought lots of music or video from online shop, such as iTunes Music Shop, Microsoft Music Shop, etc. The media files you bought may be DRM-protected, so that you couldn't play them on your portable players. You need to disable DRM protection by converting them to common audio or video format.

Here we recommend the best DRM Media Converter which can remove DRM from audio or video files. Free download it to disable DRM and have a try with the following guide's help.

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Step-by-step Guide to Disable DRM

Step 1: Launch the software. And click "Add.." button to upload audio or video files to the program. Or you can drag them into the program directly.

launch it

Step 2: Choose the output format you'd like to get in the "Audio files to:" or "Video files to:".

make some settings

Step 4: The last thing you need do is to click "Start" to disable DRM.

Very easy, isn't it? Go ahead to disable DRM right now!

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